This is a collection of overturned stones of thought, perspective, expression, and belief. My intention is to engage the mind by exploring the depths of this world, of our human potential, and the energy that binds us together.  

-            -            -

Simply put – it’s all an echo. 

There I was.  Sitting on a park bench amongst the hum of the day, ducklings waddling curiously between my feet.  I’d been gazing for what seemed like a while.  I guess I’d call it a while but you may think differently.  The sky hung in the air like sheets of steel over the city as I pondered. 

Every now and then, a feeling comes along that I’ve felt before.  And the only true thing I know about this feeling is that we’ve all felt it before.  Words go on to chant in circles around the nucleus of it, feverishly feeding energy towards this collective orb in hopes of manifesting a tangible meaning.  Though the words will never quite get there.  But I know you've been – I know you’ve felt it too.  I can see it in your eyes and by that you have seen it in mine.  Dance with me for a moment.  Poof.

-            -            -

Here we are.  Take turns making shapes in the clouds with me.  A lioness. A cathedral.  Mountains too.  The wind carries a faithful tune that cascades through the branches of the trees. 

-            -            -

We’re engulfed in a timeless tango and the sun will light our footsteps until they become the stroke of a wing. 

Fly on, forever home.