Ideas are like butterflies.  Constantly fluttering around us and landing on our minds.  

Everything that we come into contact with in our current reality is the product of the ideas, ponderings, thoughts, and dreams of all that has come before us.  In Toltec wisdom, this constitutes the dream of the planet.  We are born into this reality, this system of existence, by the virtue of the cosmos.  We had no choice in being born into this current world.  But our minds give us the power to be the creator of our own world.

The imagination is where we can bend the "rules" of perceived reality to explore the outer reaches of ourselves and the world around us.  There are no constraints in the land of imagination.  Conventional wisdom can not bog us down.  It is here that we interact with the roaming butterflies.  When a butterfly lands on us, a certain thought or spark is sent through us, and we have the choice to accept or discard the message.  Sometimes, that spark ignites a fire within, and it spreads to the depths of our being.  After collecting certain sets of ideas, they begin to manifest in a new form - belief.  Belief is the flowering of ideas into our internal ecosystem, thus shaping the landscape of the Self.  These beliefs define the lens that we gaze through to perceive the world.  They define who we are.

But where do ideas come from?

Is it possible that they exist in a field beyond our physical bodies?  Often, ideas do seem to come out of nowhere.  Eureka!  Bam!  Suddenly a striking pondering is in the palm of the hand.  It seems to me that imagination is our avenue to connect with the realm of ideas.  The longer we let our minds imagine, the more ideas we interact with, and the more we tap into the great field of creativity.  Picture a painter of a fantasy land - he must be steady at his easel and fall into an open flow, stroking the brush with every spark of inspiration as it comes.  He is channeling his vision straight from the field.  He exists as a gateway for the art to come to life.  The river of imagination flows.    

Close your eyes, hold out your hands, and listen.  The butterflies are all around you.  Engage.  Discover.  Believe.  



Warrior of Light