What's Your Role in the Story?


I was listening to the Tim Ferriss show  yesterday and was hit with inspiration by the final words from his guest, Glenn Beck.  Tim asked him what question or piece of advice he would like to leave to anyone listening.  Two things he said struck me deeply:

"What role have you played in the dialogue of humanity lately?  Are you playing a positive role or a negative role?  How can you change or enhance that to make the most positive impact?"

          "What have you done that has put you way out of your comfort zone lately?"

The "Dialogue of Humanity."  What an elegant way to put it...  When I first heard him ask these questions I had to stop and listen to them again.  I'd never thought of my own life in that way before.  What role am I playing?  When was the last time I really pushed the limits of my comfort zone?  His words served as a grand reminder of the importance of these questions in our lives.  We all have a role in this grand, swirling story - but more importantly - we all have the ability to define the role that we play. 

It's easy to get stuck in the motions and rhythms of everyday life and lose sight of what it is you're really doing here.  By doing this, we dig ourselves into the ground, sometimes so much so that we lose sight of the surface.  Then we become defined by this hole that we've created and find comfort in it - we say "this is just who I am."  It's a cohesive isolation being that we're isolated within our minds, having defined our set of boundaries in our comfortable holes, yet we still move through the world and interact with the fabric of humanity on a daily basis.  Really though, this is just who we are as we've come to define ourselves up to this point.  The real beauty of life is the power we have to change, gain fresh perspective, and experience new things.  We can push our boundaries beyond the place we ever thought possible and the only way to do that is to find the line we've drawn for ourselves, step over it, and climb out of our holes.  

So, the point is this: with every moment we have the ability to have a positive impact on this story.  How can we, individually and collectively, create the most positive impact on the lives of the people we interact with?  


No One is a Stranger

Warrior of Light