Who am I?


Who am I?

You're you, welcome.

What am I to do with this?

With what?

This form that I've taken!  It's so strange...

It's called a body.  You'll use it to navigate the world around you.

The world?

Well, think of it as a world, not the world.  Worlds are places where beings of similar form interact with each other within certain natural boundaries.  The world you will perceive is full of beings just like you.

What's so special about this world?

Nothing in particular, but you are here.  So that's something.

How long will I be here for?

There is a certain golden star in the sky of this world.  The beings of similar form call it 'the Sun'.  This world revolves around it, and I can tell you, that you will be here for 73 revolutions. 

And then what?

Don't think so far ahead.  You haven't even seen the light of the Sun yet.

But I'm curious.  

You will only find out in time, it's not my place to tell you.

So what do I do now?

You wait patiently until you see the light and your story begins.

My story?


What story could I possibly have to tell?

How should I know?  

You seem to know everything else.

Every story is a surprise, and every moment, a story begins and a story ends.  This I know.

Well what's the point then?

The point of what?

The point of living out a story.

The point is living out a story.  You will find that the beings of this particular world have a difficult time with this notion.

Sounds pretty simple to me.

For now, but the beauty of our encounter is that you will forget we spoke once you see the light.

How could I forget?

It's just the way things operate.  

Then why are we having this conversation?

I wanted to get to know you a bit before you enter this world.

What about me are you seeking to know?

Just your essence.  It's always beautiful to experience an unfamiliar soul.

Who are you?

You might find out during your story.

You could just tell me now since I'm going to forget all this anyway..

No.  That would defeat the purpose.

Ok, then how will I find out?

Your eyes will be the window, and your vision, the stars.  Simply trust in this.  

Will we ever speak again?

When you become wise enough to understand your own reflection in a still lake.  But I can't make any promises.  Enjoy.






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